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Our charter for a worthy society


The Republic, resulting from popular sovereignty, is a State of Right based on ethical contents.

Engagement 1

We are a laic political movement. We are independent of any philosophical, political, religious or spiritual organization. Each member is free to foster his own convictions.

Engagement 2

Living beings constitute the base and the finality of the Republic. The respect of their life and their physical, moral and spiritual integrity comes before any other cultural, economic, ethnic, political, religious or social consideration. The concept of equity will be developed because it accompanies the evolution of the conscience.

Engagement 3

The principles of the French Republic "Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood" inspire each of its cultural, economic, educational, political and social essential functions. The life of these three values and the realization of Democracy depend on the active participation of the citizens.

Engagement 4

The State has the role to protect durably and effectively - in alphabetic order - animals, the environment and all its ecosystems, goods, people and particularly people undergoing a mental, physical or sensory handicap, and small companies.

Engagement 5

The man, who becomes too conscious of his rights, forgets his duties. To assume self responsibility gives dignity and greatness to the individual. This responsibility does not obliterate the need for fraternity. These two values are safeguards against exclusion. Let us again be mindful of our role, our function and our responsibility in the maintenance of harmony. The freedom of each one stops where the freedom of another begins.

Engagement 6

The principle of initiative and responsibility of the person ensures the dynamism of the economic and social life. The role of the state in this area consists of creating conditions of a balanced relation between the people within the company, the companies within the trade and the professions within the market. The public services will be preserved.

Engagement 7

The general interest in the economic and social domain relies upon the rights and duties of all, the protection of the rights of the consumer with regard to safety, quality and price, the safeguarding of ecological balances and the defence of the framework of life. Rurality will be privileged.

Engagement 8

By changing certain habits, we take part in environmental protection and we improve our quality of life and that of our children. The human is an integral part of nature. He has his roots there. Nature gave him life; it nourishes him and regenerates him.

Engagement 9

Let us fully open the society to women and to feminine values. Our society is too rationalist and patriarchal; its functioning is primarily centred on competition. To open it more to feeling, altruism and respect is a priority. Women's access to positions of authority is an essential condition of the collective success.

Engagement 10

Old age and death are part of life, and can make it possible to discover their sense. Therefore they must have importance and a place in the heart of society and education.

Engagement 11

The quality of birth, early childhood and the adult, depend largely on the psychological and emotional balance of the parents, the chosen food, and the interpersonal skills. The conscience in the scope of the act of procreation is therefore important. Education in parentality and interpersonal skills are priority.

Engagement 12

The political power must cooperate with associations; they are a sharp force of our country. The plurality of the schools, the autonomy of the universities, the acceptance of conventional medicine and alternative medicine, the independence of media and justice, an effective police force, the safeguarding of small companies, are the guarantees of the respect of diversity. The freedom of expression is the indissociable corollary of Democracy.

Engagement 13

The elected official must deserve an undeniable legitimacy by his actions, his example and a new status: no office plurality of mandate, limitation of age, non re-eligibility in the case of judgment. The recognition of the blank vote as an expressed vote must be legalized, like the popular initiative referendum. The Court of Accounts and the Parliament must INDEED control the use of the public funds.

Engagement 14

The conscience of the long term must guide our acts. Political vote-catching manoeuvres push in contrary direction. Democracy should not be pretext any more, for the candidate, for dangerous promises on behalf of the Nation and the Ecosystems. The finality of the political action is not economic growth, but the wellbeing of each living being.

Engagement 15

A world governorship, in the form of a Community of Regions, is the realistic objective which people must give each other today via new economic political and cultural relations, so that everywhere, Justice, Freedom, Pacifism, the Respect of the ecosystems, beings and public funds, are assured. The European Union is thus a determining stage.

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