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  • A system which excludes more and more people (the unemployed, people with disabilities, small traders, pensioners)
  • The waste of public funds
  • The destruction of the eco-system and contempt for animals
  • The ineffective repetition of action plans: employment, immigration, health, security.

Let's go beyond the political cleavages and act together.


France has 43 million electors

5 million votes are enough to build a new society together



Who are we ?

A political movement whose pillars are active ecology, health focused on prevention, a new education for young people and a respectful economy.

We bring together thousands of committed citizens :

  • community activists, owners/managers of very small and small enterprises, teachers, young people, pensioners...  
  • people who want a real and fair change in our society
  • people who believe in real values: ethics, realism, respect, responsibility.

We don't want a revolution: we want an end to avoidable suffering, we want to build sustainable well-being
for all !

• Elect governments who are aware of reality

• Rethink education


A society knows sustainable well-being when the problems facing people with disabilities, when unemployment, when housing problems, when problems facing small enterprises, when deficits, when delinquance, when contempt for the eco-system and for animals belong to the past.

The ideal of sustainable well-being overrides that of sustainable development, because we cannot develop forever.

Our planet will be organised into regions, each sovereign in terms of food and energy, each respectful of the culture, the identity, the difference of the other, each respectful of the eco-system and animals and each working in cooperation, not competition.

Our country will show the way.

Re-establish confidence

  • Legalise the referendum for people's initiatives
  • Abolish cumulative mandates
  • Promote real equality between men and women and promote « new blood »
  • Avoid golden retirements for elected members funded on the backs of tax payers by imposing a medical
  • Define the essential criteria for appreciating and controlling the effectiveness of elected members to the National Assembly
  • Elect deputies with a dose of proportional representation
  • Create a citizens' national council
  • Respect and count the spoilt vote
  • Control public funds: the president of the Treasury must be chosen by the opposition; opposition deputies must have easy access to the nation's books
  • A 10% reduction in the cost of the President, ministers, deputies, senators and members of the economic and social Council. This symbolic measure will send out a signal.

In 2007, France's 63 million inhabitants will pay 800 thousand million Euros in tax and income tax.
This will not prevent a public deficit of 50 thousand million Euros

Build a just society

  • Violence is often born of the absence of hope and/or standards not respected since childhood

  • Actively support the thousands of small community groups in our country as they are an access point to sustainable well-being

  • re-establishment of local policing in our neighbourhoods
  • Civil service of 6 months for 16-25 years old, at a time of their choosing
  • Re-establish and hear, local and national Councils of the Elders
  • referenda will be used for all the big issues of society (employment, retirement, taxation, education...)
  • Make legal aid easier to obtain for victims
  • Hear and support those left by the wayside: people with disabilities, pensioners of small means, people who are badly housed, owners/managers of small enterprises, animal protectionists...

• Reconnect with Nature

• Reinstate the small, prevention, the local

Educate otherwise, autonomy not dependency

  • Give priority to well-being, respect for others, for one's self and for the environment
  • Teach universal humanitarian values
  • Learn collective responsibility.
  • Promote sport and green lessons;
  • Reaffirm the value of apprenticeships in the minds of adults and the practice of young people;
  • Restore joy, pragmatism and innovation in all learning establishments

Cooperate with poor nations

  • Revitalise the agricultural sector in those countries so they can be self-sufficient in food
To support a serene life in these countries is also to avoid excessive immigration to our countries
  • Co-ordinate and support European community-based movements by setting precise aims combined with supervised funding (aide plutot financiere sinon utiliser 'support')

Deal effectively with the problem of unemployment

  • Give more to the person who can't work and less and less to the person who won't work
Wanting to get everyone back into a system based on productivity and competition is a serious mistake.

Certain people are not made that way.

They will blossom and will serve the community through rural or community based activity.

  • The job seeker immediately recovers his/her rights to benefits in the case of renewed job loss
  • Benefits without activity incite apathy and prevent the support of those who are really in need, for example, people with disabilities;
  • Reinstate manual work, and apprenticeships;
  • A ceiling on benefits of 3000 Euros;
  • Effective control of public funds will allow the pump priming of companies recruiting staff;
  • Adapt the operating expenses of small companies to their economic realities;
  • Promote jobs linked to the environment;
  • Regenerate rural areas by involving and training volunteers
Public budgeting will be improved, taxes will be reduced by :
  • The control of public funds
  • The protection of good health
  • A reduction in the military budget
  • Targeted taxes on polluting companies and polluting products

The aim of La France en Action :
to take action! !

Challenging the holy grail of Growth

The obsession with growth creates serious probems at different levels: ecology, economy, employment, public health, developing countries.

It favours monopolies, waste, over-production and the economic oppression of the weakest.

The facts speak for themselves: all the countries who play the growth card see unemploymeent taking root, increased public deficits and deteriorating eco-systems.

It's the problem of 'always more'

  • Only allow advertising in the media
  • Firmly develop real rural living
  • Protect crafts and small traders, hubs of human relations and life;
  • Give priority to small agricultural holdings, which are craft based and focus on local trade rather than prioritising large concerns.

100% organic agriculture within 10 years, is possible!

To prioritise family agriculture over gigantic, 'productivist' farms is a political choice

  • Ban the building of new hyper/supermarkets
  • Give priority to organic food through AMAP (Association pour le Maintien de l'Agriculture Paysanne – a system of joint agreement between small local producers/farmers and consumers on the growth and supply of fruit and veg, usually over a season) and through Jardins de Cocagne – a cooperative system for the provision of organic food from allotments, usually includes a number of days per year working on the allotment.

Prevention is better than cure

Each person is different, each needs to be treated according to their specific needs and their own choices

  • Reduce chemical and electromagnetic pollution to prevent cancer, certain neurological illnesses, allergies, asthma...
  • Teach sound attitudes in relation de nutrition, sport and stress management to prevent metabolic and cardiovascular disease;
  • Freedom of choice on vaccination, as in other European countries
  • Freeing ourselves from the hold of laboratories is a priority as they bring strong pressure to the political and medical worlds, without excluding conventional medicine which has proven its value;
  • Abolish the legal powers of the Medical Council;
  • Stop animal experiments, animals are not a reliable biological model for human beings

Build a European spirit

  • Work together for Peace, the Environment and Research;
  • Implement good ideas by sharing them with others;
  • Educate young people with common programmes (the geography and history of Europe, economic issues, ecological questions, well-being);
  • France will show the way by setting up a joint ministry of foreign affairs and a joint ministry of defence with Germany;
  • Put forward a planetary ideal to Europeans: to reconcile human activity and respect for Life

Together, take action !

To join us, please send us your contact details
so we can send you our information pack (free but in French).

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Last update : Apr 15th, 2008